Zucchini Yeast Rolls: Fail

OK, lest you think that I love every single recipe in Simply in Season, I will post a negative review. I spent all morning shredding zucchini by hand since my KitchenAid attachment doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Some of it I used to make zucchini yeast rolls on page 87.

Big yuck. For starters, I originally had intended to use it as suggested for the veggie ring. But the dough turned out extremely sticky even adding almost a cup more flour than it called for.  I decided to use it for rolls as the thought of molding it into a ring was a fate worse than death. I did manage to get it into muffin cups and bake it. The texture was so so, but the flavor was just . . . yeah, not so great. Needless to say I won’t be making these again, although I still like the concept.


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