Campfire Salmon

Adapted from Simply in Season.

First, a word about fish. For this recipe, I used farmed salmon fillets that I bought at Sam’s Club. That was before I started hearing about how bad farmed fish is for the environment. You’ve heard of CAFO, I’m sure, where cows are smooshed into pens and walk around in their own feces. Well, the same is true for some fish farms. There is just too much waste in a concentrated area for it to be flushed away by the sea. Plus other fish are caught and ground into pellets to feed the salmon. Oops. I guess I won’t be buying the farmed fillets again. For more information about fish and the environment, click here.

campfiresalmonNow on to the recipe. Get out the tinfoil and put one filet in the middle of  each large sheet. Cut up 6 lemons (or sprinkle with lemon juice if you reach into the frig only to realize the lemons are moldy), an onion, a sweet pepper, and a zucchini and divide the veggies over top of the salmon. Drizzle with about a cup of Italian dressing (I love to use the Italian dressing base from Penzeys, myself). Then either cook in a campfire or bake at 450 for 15-20 minutes. The packets will expand and puff – careful when opening!

The review: This dish was very tasty. The salmon was very mild flavored, and the zucchini took on  a slightly sweet flavor from the Italian dressing. The husband said the vegetables reminded him of a “warm salad” because of the flavor. Had I used actual lemons, I think the lemon flavor would have been much more pronounced. I used distilled white vinegar and olive oil to make the dressing, now I’m thinking it would be fun to use different vinegars and oils. Also to experiment with homemade Italian seasonings.  Overall, though, this recipe is a great catch!


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