Chicken Cacciatore

There’s nothing like coming home from a hard day’s work, opening the door, and smelling the aroma of dinner ready and waiting. Yes, it’s that time of year to haul out a working woman’s best friend: the crock pot.

chcacciatoreFor this recipe, adapted from Simply in Season, I started with a 4 lb whole chicken from “our” farm where we have our herdshare. It’s a free range, organic chicken, so a crock pot is usually the best option since those free range chickens can be a bit tough – must be from all that running around out in the yard!

Over top of the chicken, I added 4 C or so of chopped tomatoes, a chopped green pepper, 2 sliced onions, some minced garlic, a bay leaf, a dash of salt and pepper, and a larger dash of oregano and basil and 1/4 C white wine. I couldn’t really taste the wine, maybe because I used a gewurtztraminer and not a chardonnay. Anyhoo, mushrooms would also be a good addition.

I served this over egg noodles, and DH added fresh grated parmesan, which was a nice addition. Overall this was a great recipe, and went really well with Robinette’s Harbor Demi-sec wine.


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