Julie & Julia Book Review

OK so, since I stole the idea of cooking through a cookbook from her, I thought I’d read Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the basic premise is that she decided to cook all 524 recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child in one year.

You might have noticed no recent blog entries by me – that’s because I”m at a retreat center for a week for work. I have definitely missed fresh vegetables. I mean, the friars have vegetables here,  but they are mostly a side item sauteed in butter. Not that I have anything against butter, by any means!

So anyhoo, since I needed a book for the plane ride I picked up the famed book in the airport bookstore. I was prepared not to like it. I tend to not like things that are overexposed, and a book and movie deal generally fall into that category. But to my surprise, I really liked it.

I could relate to the author, the needing a project to get one off one’s duff. I also related to the comfortable routine of cooking with one’s husband. And maybe it’s because I’m at a retreat center surrounded by labyrinths and desert healing gardens and statues and religious iconography, but I’ve been reflecting on the purpose of my own cooking project. I have felt it strengthening my feelings about food, health, locavorism, and faith.

So I do recommend this book. It’s about more than just cooking through recipes, the love of food. It will help you discover yourself.


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