Herbed Broccoli Sandwich

I know, a BROCCOLI sandwich? This is another one of those Simply in Season recipes that made me think “you’ve got to be kidding me, Gladys in Pennsylvania. ” But since I had a lot of broccoli from the farmer’s market I thought why not give it a try. Besides, I needed something to go with the gingery butternut soup.

I halved the recipe just in case. I chopped 1 C of broccoli in the food chopper, 1/4 C of onion, and sauted in some olive oil in a skillet until it turned bright green. Then I added a dash of basil, thyme, salt and pepper. The directions say to add cheese andbroccolisandwich broil on french bread, but I picked up some cheddar-filled bilays at the farmer’s market this morning and I knew they would go perfectly.

The verdict: They were very, very good. Substantial, not like you’d expect from a broccoli sandwich. DH thought that a slice of heirloom tomato would have made this perfection.


One Response to “Herbed Broccoli Sandwich”

  1. Allison Says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog! I love “Simply in Season” and have trying recipes out of there for the past couple of years. There are quite a few I’ve never been brave enough to try though, so it’s fun to see how they work out for you! By the way, the herbed broccoli sandwich is one of my favorite recipes from the book….I usually put the broccoli mixture on a whole wheat pita (then put the cheese on and broil the sandwich). I love it that way. Since the pita bread is rather thin the sandwich gets a little crispy…..really tasty. Anyways, thanks for sharing your cooking adventure!

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