Home Dairying

From time to time you may see me reference the fact that I substituted yogurt or kefir for sour cream, or some other reference to the fact that I make a lot of my own dairy products.

Simply in Season includes a recipe for Easy Dependable Yogurt.  I won’t repeat it here ’cause you can find recipes for that all over the interweb.

I have found a great source for cultures of all sorts, including yogurt. It’s www.cheesemaking.com

I get all of my milk from a herdshare arrangement, which allows me access to raw milk. Raw milk is a bit controversial, but I have studied the risks and am comfortable drinking it – although I rarely do, I primarily use it for cheesemaking, and raw milk is the BEST for making cheese.

Homemade Mozzarella

You don’t need raw milk to make mozzarella; in fact, you can even use powdered milk! Every time I bring homemade mozz to a potluck it gets rave reviews. Here is a link to my favorite online tutorial at my favorite cheesemaking site.


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